Why GORD Academy?

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What makes us different?

For entities across the globe, sustainability is fast becoming a strategic imperative. The global construction industry is shifting towards green building practices, energy giants are transitioning to renewables, hospitality sector is exploring ways to be in syn with rapidly growing green tourism… sustainability is increasingly gaining traction across the global socioeconomic spectrum.

With global warming on the rise, the fight against climate change has led to a remarkable momentum for materializing Paris Agreement to limit the earth’s temperature below 2oC. Governments, businesses and societies at large are all looking for trusted avenues that provide high-quality capacity building programs targeting multiple dimensions of climate and environment tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries.

At GORD Academy, we understand the future is sustainable. With a range of courses tackling various aspects of environmental sustainability, we help organizations and professionals adjust their sails to the future. Whether you need an intensive workshop to give your career a headstart into the sustainability scene or you’re looking to excel your existing sustainability knowledge with advanced accreditation; whether your organization is planning to embark on a green project or revisioning the entire entity to go green, we have it all covered.

Our courses remain relevant. We keep a tab on latest trends and research within the sustainability landscape and design our courses that best bridge the gap between existing industry practices and new ideas. With a proven track record of helping professional and organizations achieve their accreditations and certifications, GORD Academy can guide you with the right tools and knowledge needed to meet your environmental commitment.