Modes of Training

GORD Academy Workshops & SeminarsGORD Academy’s workshops and seminars are in-person training sessions designed to equip professionals and scholars in areas related to sustainability. These interactive sessions incorporate beginner to advanced level of training material. Supported by lectures and multimedia tools, candidates of our workshops and seminars receive training manuals to help them access state-of-the-art tools designed to imbed sustainability in their projects. At the same time, attendees of our workshops receive live demonstration of sustainability tools.

Online CoursesAlongside in-person training, candidates can also attend a range of courses and exams online in the comfort of their own homes, from anywhere in the world. At GORD Academy, we offer online courses broken down into bite-size modules to help you complete the training at your own pace. These programs are offered through eAcademy and LinkMe.

Organizational TrainingsNot sure if any of our current courses fits the bill? Help us understand your business objectives and we will design the right training that best meets your organizational needs and environmental commitment. Our tailor-made courses are curated to suit the sustainability requirements of client organizations. We take pride in working with leading public and private organizations locally, regionally and internationally.

experiential workshopsAt GORD Academy, we support hands-on training backed by a blend of theoretical knowledge and field observation. A select range of our courses comprise experiential training to allow for enhanced learning.  Our experiential workshops are a mix of in-class knowledge dissemination and site tours to provide first-hand knowledge about advanced concepts that involve sustainability audits.

Outreach ProgramsContinuing its sustainability drive, GORD Academy regularly collaborated with local and international entities to be a part of community awareness programs aimed at promoting sustainability. Designed to instill environmental commitment at grassroots and societal levels, our outreach programs offer a combination of edutainment activities aimed at teaching and encouraging sustainable practices such as waste management, water conservation, energy saving, use of ecofriendly or public transport.