GSAS Certified Green Professionals

GSAS Certified Green Professionals (GSAS CGP) designation qualifies professionals to perform certain activities related to project certification process, these include:

  1. Ensuring that GSAS certification requirements are met by the project as stipulated by the Technical Guide.
  2. Managing communications and submittals of needed evidences to GSAS Trust on behalf of the project.
  3. Coordinating for GSAS assessment, audit and certification activities for the project.

Candidates can pursue a specific accreditation depending on the certification type their projects have opted to implement. Each accreditation is applicable for a specific type of GSAS certification as explained hereafter.

GSAS Design & Build CGP


GSAS Design & Build CGP accreditation enables professionals to evaluate the sustainability of newly constructed or majorly renovated buildings, parks, districts and infrastructure in addition to fit-out projects.

GSAS Construction Management CGP


GSAS Construction Management CGP accreditation authorizes professionals to assess the environmental impact of the construction process for any type of projects.

GSAS Operations CGP


GSAS Operations CGP accreditation allows professionals to assess the sustainability performance of buildings in use, whether or not these buildings are GSAS certified.

GSAS Certified Green Professional-Fellow


GSAS Certified Green Professional-Fellow or GSAS CGP-Fellow accreditation represents advanced level of competence and expertise in GSAS implementation. It is a designation awarded to individuals who have made significant contribution and excelled in the field of sustainable built environment and implementation of GSAS in projects.

GSAS Certified Energy Professional


GSAS Certified Energy Professional or GSAS CEP accreditation qualifies professionals to perform energy assessment for GSAS projects. Candidates can choose from two designations depending on the certification type their projects have opted to implement.