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Why GORD Academy?

For entities across the globe, sustainability is fast becoming a strategic imperative. The global construction industry is shifting towards green building practices, energy giants are transitioning to renewables, hospitality sector is exploring ways to be in sync with rapidly growing green tourism… sustainability is increasingly gaining traction across the global socioeconomic spectrum.

With global warming on the rise, the fight against climate change has led to a remarkable momentum for materializing Paris Agreement to limit the earth’s temperature below 2oC. Governments, businesses and societies at large are all looking for trusted avenues that provide high-quality capacity building programs targeting multiple dimensions of climate and environment tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries.

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Trainings & Certifications

GSAS courses and workshops

GSAS Trainings

Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS)

GSAS trainings are designed to guide and instruct professionals to meet the project requirements of GSAS certifications including GSAS Design & Build, GSAS Construction Management and GSAS Operations.

AEE courses and workshops

AEE Trainings

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

AEE trainings deal in areas related to energy engineering, energy management, energy efficiency and conservation, energy auditing, renewable and alternative energy, energy services, sustainability and techno-economics etc.

Sustainability courses

Sustainability Trainings

Sustainability Trainings

Sustainability courses provide skills and foundational knowledge needed to shift toward sustainable business practices and help professionals learn about topics such as renewable energy and sustainable development.

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Leveraging the power of continuous learning

Training programs disseminated by GORD Academy has helped thousands of sustainability professionals in successfully implementing sustainability principles on their projects. Our courses are meticulously designed to adapt to the evolving needs of the industry amid rapidly changing climate realities. Whether you need an intensive workshop to give your career a headstart into the sustainability scene or you’re looking to excel your existing sustainability knowledge with advanced accreditation; whether your organization is planning to embark on a green project or revisioning the entire entity to go green, we have it all covered.

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